Using Frozen Canine Semen
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11 puppies born to our male from a SINGLE frozen semen implant!

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Ashemburg Rottweilers, Alberta Canada

Question: What are the benefits of using Frozen Semen?

Answer: There are many, many benefits of using Frozen Canine Semen! Here are just a few.

Frozen Semen is often offered from older, retired males or studs that are deceased. Unlike a young stud dog, these studs have proven how well they can produce and to what type of bitch they should be bred to. Probably one of the greatest benefits is that using an older or deceased male's semen is that you know the longevity and health history of that particular stud dog. How often do we hear of a stud that passed away at a young age of cancer, heart disease, bloat or some other genetic problem? Longevity is something every responsible breeder strives for in their breeding program.

Unlike a natural breeding where you don't know the quality of sperm being deposited, Frozen Semen was analyzed for quality before being frozen -- and again analyzed post-thaw by your veterinarian prior to inseminating your female.

Frozen Semen can also be purchased months, even years, in advance of an anticipated breeding. For a small annual fee it can be stored at a semen storage facility near or at your veterinarian's practice. This guarantees you opportunity to use to the stud dog of your choice, at your convenience. We will only offer this on our male's Frozen Semen for a short period of time.
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A benefit to Frozen Semen over fresh chilled semen is that it can be shipped to your vet's facility early in your female's heat cycle (or prior to) and stored until she is ready to be bred. No worrying about holidays, weekends, the infamous "weekend breeding" or other shipping delays.

Question: Have you had success from using your stud dog's frozen semen?

Answer: Yes! Litters up to 11 puppies have resulted from our stud's Frozen Semen. It has been successfully shipped all over the US, Canada and even Sweden. Above and at left are beautiful puppies that have resulted by use of our Frozen Semen.

Question: What can I do to improve my odds of using Frozen Semen for my bitch?

Answer: Use a knowledgeable veterinarian that has a high success rate of Frozen Semen breedings. Start progesterone testing early.

Question: How long does frozen semen last, stored?
(answer below courtesy of Robert van Hutchison, DVM)

Answer: Frozen semen lasts stored, probably forever. It uses minimal energy when it's stored in the liquid nitrogen at minus 322 degrees F. We had a litter recently from semen that had been stored 25 years, it looked just as good as the day it was frozen. It was great to see the sperm swimming around again, happy to be warm!

Question: Are we intervening too much and harming our breeds with all these AIs, surgical inseminations, etc?
(answer below courtesy of Robert van Hutchison, DVM)

Answer: I don't believe that ignoring technicological advances, advances our breeding. I believe anything we can do to make breeding successful, like using frozen semen... is good. Anything we can do to improve our dog breeding and have more live, healthy puppies, interventions in safe, healthy manners, can only be a positive. I think the Cornell study that showed you get more live puppies from a c-section, showed us that intervention can be a benefit by saving those normal puppies who by some reason cannot get through the birthing process. Being able to go back to breed to frozen semen from a dog from 25 years ago can only be a positive thing, bringing some of those lost traits back into our lines.

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