Welcome to my website!

I am "Cricket", a registered pet therapy cat from Greenville, Michigan. My human and I also do work for hospice. I hope you enjoy my website.

If you know someone in a nursing home or long term care facility in my area that might enjoy a visit from me, please send me an email. I might also be able to do private home visits if my human says it's okay.


Health Benefits Of Pet Therapy

Studies done at the University Of Missouri College Of Veterinary Medicine show that the interaction between humans and animals can increase a person's level of the hormone oxytocin: a hormone that allows one to feel happy and trusting, assisting in the bonding between the animal and the human. Studies have also shown that Pet Therapy provides the following benefits:

  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Increases verbal and/or nonverbal communication through positive interaction with the animal
  • Provides a purposeful activity
  • Decreases feelings of anxiety
  • Decreases show of emotional and physical pain
  • Decreases boredom
  • Increases positive behavior
  • Provides additional avenue for love, attention and happiness
  • Increases use of fine and gross motor coordination if/when walking or grooming the animal
  • Opportunities to reminisce
  • Opportunities to laugh and simply enjoy the animal

Me at home!

Ready to go for my therapy job!
(I get petted and loved...can it really be called a job?!)

I love a leaky faucet! Maybe my other work should be plumbing?

My human sometimes dresses me up for visits...
it really makes people smile and laugh so I guess it's okay :-)

Naptime is required after a fun day of being a "therapy cat"
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